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For-Profit College Recruiters Caught Lying on ABC News

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Though their policies are under fire, for-profit college leaders aren’t hurting for cash. Bloomberg reported this week that for-profit college executives earned $2 billion running the schools. Strayer Education Inc. CEO Robert Silberman earned $41.9 million last year — 26 times more than the highest-paid non-profit university president. Seventy-five percent of Strayer’s revenue comes from taxpayers.



Student Loan Debt Clock — $848 billion and counting

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A new tool lets you watch the country’s collected student debt pile up in real time.

Sponsored by, the Student Loan Debt Clock tallies an estimate of total private and federal outstanding student debt. According to FinAid, now is peak time for debt growth, as more student loans are doled out at the semester’s start.

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Forgiving Student Loans Would Stimulate The Economy

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From a recent article in The Huffington Post:

Robert Applebaum, an attorney from New York, thinks so and has an idea on how to help many in his shoes — and trust me, there are many — while stimulating the economy at the same time. The 35 year old started up an online campaign this month to bail out those “hard-working, educated middle class” suffocating in college loan debt on Facebook. He formed the group “Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy” because he believes forgiving student loan debt for those making under $150,000 annually would help boost the economy from “the bottom up.”

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