VIDEO: U.S. Students Drowning In College Debt


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  3. In what world is higher education not considered an obligation for good citizens? Where will we get the scientists, doctors, teachers, engineers, architects, veterinarians, nurses, accountants etc etc of tomorrow? Will we start advertising in foreign countries so we can pay foreigners to be the future of America? HIGHER EDUCATION SHOULD BE THE RESPONSIBLE COURSE THAT OUR KIDS TAKE…INSTEAD WE NOW CONDEMN, PUNISH AND RIDICULE THEM AS IF THEY WERE IRRESPONSIBLE. I understand expecting a certain level of excellence while in school but not to GOUGE THEM WITH ENORMOUS DEBT THAT DISALLOWS THEM THE FREEDOM FOR A REALLY GREAT LIFE. I cannot afford to help my own kids go to college because I am an unemployed teacher whose masters created a 100+ thousand dollar loan that just continues to grow and grow. We live in a toxic mercury ridden area where the incidence of cancer and miscarriages is overwhelmingly high but I cant afford to move. I owe 1100$ monthly. Tell me, where is the AMERICAN JOB THAT WILL PAY ME ENOUGH TO PAY 1100$ MONTLY AND STILL AFFORD TO EAT?

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